Tutu Du Monde

The magical world of Tutu du Monde, where little girls can dress up and lose themselves in another place and time, is the creation of fashion designer Andrea Rembeck. Having previously worked with top Australian designers before creating her own womenswear label, Andrea devoted herself to being a mum to her baby girl.

When her daughter asked for a tutu, Andrea embarked on a fruitless quest to find one which was not mass-produced, hot pink and made from itchy polyester. Knowing she could do better, she crafted a tutu dress which quickly became the envy of her daughter’s  friends  and  their  mums  and from here a business was born. Featuring a line of vintage-inspired tutus which are timeless, wearable, ethically made, ecologically sustainable, and exquisitely crafted with love and passion, Tutu du  Monde has grown exponentially. The range now includes tutu skirts and dresses, embellished cotton tops and playsuits, cardigans and caplets, and fabulously fun accessories.


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